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What really makes me happy?

Warning! Achtung! Attenzione! Uwaga!
This post isn't about my work, but you'll seen it it a couple of really beatiful tuned cars. Hope you enjoy! ;)

I don't think the title matches the theme of post, but it doesn't really matter. I want to show you what is my inspiration. The best thing people made is-in my opinion-JDM style mixed with old russian cars. Also in Poland we can do our best with our old Fiats, Polonezes, Warszawas and Syrenas.
I think when you going to do something cool with your old communist car, the best place to do it, is Russia and secondly Poland.
Russia is big country, and diversity of styles of tuning cars is huge. You can see nice stanced Lada Samara, sitting next to JDMish Lada 2106 and "resto" tuned Moskvitch. So maybe let's go for a trip on the best of the best tuned cars in Poland and Russia?
I don't know from what my passion to old russian cars starts, but from the begining of "Kultowe Auta PRLu" series, which one I mentioned in my first ever post on this blog, I start to learn about old communist cars. Shortly after roll out of series, prices of Polish cars start to grown. 7-8 years ago Polonez MR'78 costs about 700-800$. Now it's 3000$!
But it isn't important for my post. I start to enjoy tuned old cars maybe half year ago? I start searching, and first car I bumped into was this

It's a VAZ 2106. You can see this?! Old japanese rims-Hoshino Racing Impul G5, japanese overfenders, japanese plates and japanese war flag at the trunk. On russian car. Mind blown? See this!

VAZ 2105. External oil cooler, popular in japanese cars, overfenders, mirrors on fenders, Bride buckets with Takata's seatbelts. WOW
My inspired build here
Maybe something little bit calmer?

VAZ 2109 better known as "Samara". 5 door version. On Work Equip's. With overfenders. ITB to replace the radiator cover. Laguna Seca paint from BMW. And yep. Low. Very, very low.
So maybe Hachiroku now?

Easy, easy, I trolled you. It's of course Lada Samara, this time 2108 model, which means 3 doors. And it's Hachiroku style. Very Hachiroku style.
Now, turn to super clean "resto" style, which is very popular in Russia

Now, it's Poland time!

Yep, you saw it right. VW's VR6 in polish Polonez "Borewicz" MR'78. Wide, low, agressive and powerful. Yummy!

And second incarnation of this engine, made by the same guy, in newer body

Next "Borewicz" this time car in very poor version "C", equiped with custom wheels and front lip. That's all. And the score? Amazing!

Maybe newer Polonez now? Russians made their Lada 2107 from 80's to 2012 without any modernization. Polish guys changes Polonez very often. In 87' we get first restyling, in 89' another one, huge update in 91', sedan version in 95', another restyling in 97' and estate version in 99'! Also we have Truck version, which means pickup body. In 91' it get front end from Caro model. And somebody have an idea to modify it ;)

We're back to guys from first two Polonezes. They save another one from death. But this isn't regular Polonez

Yep, it's a hearse one :) Shocked?

They also make a very clean Caro Plus model, which is 97' model year

Another car we made in Poland is Fiat 125p. "p" because it's polish version of italian Fiat 125. It has another front lights, minor changes in suspension, and older engines. In 83' licension for this car expire, and name change into FSO 125p. And now I'll show you example of this car

Hmmm I think that's enough... It's impossible to show everything in one post, so next saturday I'll show you next cars from Soviet Union and Poland which inspires me to start stance model cars ;)
Photos credits goes to their respective owners, I only share awesome work of owners of cars, and photographers :)

Second part
More about me and my inspirations

Best regards
! :)

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