Sunday, 31 May 2015

Presentation: Moskvitch 408 "JDM"

Hi guys!
I wasn't here looong time, like week? I didn't do much with my model cars, so that's the reason. Only thing I do is painting Ferrari, and after sixth coat today morning... yeeees it's f@#ked up! Everything goes smoothly, and perfect (yep, unbelievable) so last coat has to destroy everything... I don't have energy to fight with this anymore...
But I also have great news! I make two models :)
Every russian car that I present to date, comes from nice discount for bunch of models from DeAgostini's Russia coffee series. I got this cars from allegro, which is our polish equivalent of ebay, more popular here.
I paid for it 10zł which is 2.5$ each. And some time ago some Media Markt shops (big chain of shops with electronic) in Poland (in Poznań mainly) start to sell this models, also for 10zl.
Yesterday I accidentaly came to one of this stores in Cracow and I found this cars. Maybe 15 or 20 left. I got only 20zl in my pocket, so I pick up Moskvitch 408 and Izh 2715-01 which is pickup/cargo version of 408.
I want this models for 4 or 5 months and I want to do simple modification. Front end from 408 goes to 2715 and front end from 2715 goes to 408. I start makeing this, and I stuck... It wasn't P&P modification...
I finished it today's morning, using Dremel.
I present to you only 408, because I spend about 2hours makeing pics, and didn't find good place to photo Izh :/
But don't worry, and enjoy one car first :)

Make: Moskvitch
Model: 408
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Russia "Автолегенды СССР"
List of changes:
-radiator and bumpers from newer model "Izh 412"

-lowered suspension
-new wheels, Work Equip 03 knock offs made from scratches
-tyres with very low profile
-japanese registration plates

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Ferrari California (Close Top) Revell 1/24 WIP #2

My internet is a nice mistake, so I can't post much...
And I was at Moto Show Kraków yesterday, so I can't do much with cars.
Since last post I do a lot of things to Ferrari.
We end #1 with first coat of paint on chassis, and sanding the body.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Ferrari California (Close Top) Revell 1/24 In-Box and W.I.P #1

As you can see earlier today on my facebook I bought a Ferrari California by Revell in 1/24 scale.
European chain of shops, Lidl, earlier this year introduce 6 Revell models to its offer. Models came in Germany, United Kingdom, and now it's time to Poland. All models (Boeing in 1/144, Golf MKII GTI, Carrera RS 2.7, Ferrari F1 '07, Ferrari California) came in nice price, 69.90zł, which is about 19$, and regular price (based on California) in internet stores starts with 99zł (exluding shiping) which is 27.25$.
Affter quick research I decided that I replace my money for a Ferrari California. I live in Cracow, but Lidls aren't on my standard home-school way, so I must do "special" journey for it.
I went back home, and do the inbox of model, quickly read the instruction, and start assembling car.
Plan for it is simple:
-yellow colour
-suspension lowered a little bit
-wheels in black matt
-interior in black gloss and black matt, red thread in seats and door panels
-black additions on the exterior
So let's go!


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

What's new in the workshop #1

I presented you all finished up models, so now slowly modifing of another began.
Curently I'm working the most with Nysa 522. I filled up all holes in body and grind left door ("Milicja"'s model had sliding doors on both sides, civil car had it only on the right) and now I'm making new chassis and interior.
I have a little problems choosing wheels, so maybe you can help me? ;)
Version number 1

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

History Lesson: Trucks from Jelcz, a short story about polish automotive industry

It's hard to match all of this things. School, working out, helping in home and writing a blog. But I'll try to post something cool maybe, you vote ;)

Jelczańskie Zakłady Samochodowe, which means Jelcz's Car Factories, build car named Żubr A80. Car had very poor quality engine, gearbox and steering gear. Engineers changes this parts.
They bought license for Leyland's 0.680 diesel engine. It had 6 cylinders, 11,1 liters and puts out 200PS without turbocharger, and 240PS with turbocharger. Gearbox came from FPS Tczew, and steering gear came from Csepel or Bendibenca. They do other changes, include new clutch, brakes and tow hook. Driver's cabin get normal type of doors instead of old type "suicide doors".
Car get new name "Jelcz 315" and came to do the production in 1968. But regulations in Poland prohibit to drive this car on all of the roads, because push on the rear axle is bigger than 8 tones. Engineers elaborate new car, Jelcz 316, which get longer cargo space, and third axle. On the model car presented below, you can see that this axle is raised. I do a little mistake, because real car, hasn't got this option. But in early 70's created a prototype, called 318 which get option of raising trailing axle, so... model car isn't very bad :)
Back to the 316, car has push of 13,25t on two rear axles. Regulations says this type of car, can have up to 14.5t of push. So 316 can drive on all types of roads in communist Poland. Engine and other things are the same same as in 315 model.
In the same year, 1968 JZS made car named 317 which was tractor-trailer, very necessary in PRL.
Car had shortened frame and push on the axle was 7.25t, which means trailers can had about 22t. In practice non-turbocharged engine had capability to pull 30t trailer, and turbocharged one-36t. Car has a lot of disadvantages, but was the most popular tractor-trailer in Eastern Bloc.
I don't know what I can say more... Maybe pics say something?

Make: JZS Jelcz
Model: 315
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Poland "Kultowe Auta PRL: Wydanie Specjalne"


Make: JZS Jelcz
Model: 316
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Poland "Kultowe Auta PRL: Wydanie Specjalne"
List of changes:
-extended frame
-extended cargo space
-wheels, bumper and frame painted gray RAL 7035
-cargo space painted light gray RAL 7001
-deep of grille, steps, handles and rubbers painted black
-rusted front bumper
-new floor in cargo bay
-added third axle
-polish registration plates, type 75'


Make: JZS Jelcz
Model: 317
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Poland "Kultowe Auta PRL: Wydanie Specjalne"
List of changes:
-shortened frame
-removed cargo bay
-wheels, bumper and frame painted red RAL 3020
-deep of grille, steps, handles and rubbers painted black
-maked all trailer-tractor stuff
-polish registration plates, type 75'

Jelcz 315

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Presentation: VAZ 2107 (Lada 1600) on old russian street

Yesterday I didn't post, and I don't think tomorrow I'll be able to post history of Jelcz. So only one model car left to presentate and it's little bit stanced VAZ 2107. I made photos of it on diorama of old russian street. I'm going to modify this diorama a little bit, include new sidewalks, sewer drains, add new walls, replace garage...

Make: VAZ (Lada)
Model: 2107 (1600)
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Russia "Автолегенды СССР"
List of changes:
-lowered suspension
-camber (now it's a little bit smaller)
-new steelies
-russian registration plates
-deep of front grille painted black
-boot lip

Sunday, 10 May 2015

What really makes me happy? Part II

I said last week that Sunday is the presentation day of stanced cars from Poland and Russia. So let's go! ;)
We'll start with amazing, yellow, bagged Fiat 125p

Friday, 8 May 2015

Presentation: Trailer from rear end of Żuk.

Hi guys and girls!
Today I'll show you my next ended work, which is trailer, made from cargo from polish van, called "Żuk", so in english it's "Beetle". Yep, like this well known Volkswagen ;)
Short text today only, and go to the pics ;)
Make: Trailer
Model: Rear end from Żuk A03
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Poland "Kultowe Auta PRLu"+handmade
List of changes:
-cut off all of the floor (only sides left)
-custom floor-wood imitation, painted RAL 5018
-custom wheelarches
-custom shaft, painted RAL 5018
-custom suspension
-steelies painted RAL 5018
-rubbers of rear lights
-rubber on the fuel filler
-polish registration plate, type '75

Thursday, 7 May 2015

History Lesson: Luxury versions of Lada cars-2106 and 2107

Russian automotive is so far best known for Lada. Lot of models stay in production to date, or its production stop in past 5 years. Why they build the same model for 30 years? It's hard to believe, but yes, this cars have big market. And in Russia nobody cares about norms of emission like Euro 5 or 6 in European Union. But a very little of people knows that Lada 1500 (2107) or 1600 (2106) had their roots in late 60's!
So let start from the very beginning.
In 1966 soviet authority decided to build car under licension. They sign agreement with italian Fiat, and they bought licension for Fiat 124, which made its debut this year. Russians build factory in 4 years, and in 1970 production of Lada 1200 (VAZ 2101) starts. From 1966 to 1970 they made about 800 changes to the car, to better fits russian standards. They made it for 18 years, and build about 4.85 mln copies! But of course car changes through the years. Main changes are 2103 and 2105 models.
2103 has to be "luxury" version of 2101 and equivalent of Fiat 124S. Both cars (124S and 2103) were made together by VAZ and Fiat. Car made its debut 2 years after predecessor and both car stays in production. 2103 was much expensive than 2101, but was very popular on export after 1974.
2105 made its debut in 1980, but was in development for 6 years. Russians knows that 2101 becomes older, and they have to build something more competitve. And thats all from introduce. Now we go to main part of post.
So I mentioned 2101, 2103, 2105, but what the hell are 2106 and 2107 said in title? Let me explain.
2103 and 2105 were modifications of basic 2101, but they also get older. In 1975 (yep, faster than todays facelitings) they introduce 2106 which is slightly modificated 2103.
Looks complicated? Little tree:
Fiat 124+800 modifications=VAZ 2101
VAZ 2101+different front grille w/ 4 headlights+moldings on the sides of body+larger rear lights=VAZ 2103
VAZ 2101+rectangle headlights+rectangle larger rear lights+new interior=VAZ 2105
VAZ 2103+larger, integrated taillights+black non-chrome grille+newer engine=VAZ 2106
VAZ 2105+larger chrome grille+different creases on bonnet and trunk=VAZ 2107
We are still missing 2102 and 2104 model numbers.
VAZ 2101+estate body=VAZ 2102
VAZ 2105+estate body=VAZ 2104
Fixed! ;)
Back to the main topic.
So Lada 2106. It stays in production for 26 years! And later in another factory in Russia its been made for next 5 years. Russians made a lot of changes to the engine, thought it had a lot of potential. They were wrong. After a lot of modification, engine produces only 3hp more, but torque increase by 14nm.
And Lada 2107. This also was a "luxury" version, but for 2105 model. It has larger front grille and different engines. It stays in production from 1982 to 2012! 30 years! Alongside VW Beetle, VW Transporter and another cars, it is one of cars that stayed in production the longest!
I think that's enough for the beginning, this cars has a lot more of history worth of mention, but maybe another time? :)
And now, see the photos of VAZ 2106 alongside 2107. Of course in 1:43 scale ;)
Make: VAZ (Lada)
Model: 2106 (1600)
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Poland "Kultowe Auta PRLu" Issue 173
Make: VAZ (Lada)
Model: 2107 (1500)
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Russia "Автолегенды СССР" Issue 31

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

What I'm actually working with?

I have a lot of projects opened and far from finish. I'm starting to finish one after one, but it's hard. So maybe a little list with all started projects?

1. JZS Jelcz 316
It's going to be a fast, three- or four-day job. It isn't.
This car makes me angry, each time I start work with it.
Now I'm painting it, when there aren't be paint mistaktes, I'll build it up and post photos.
Project status is about 80%, to finish left one or two coats of paint, and make a lot of corrections to cabin using black paint.
Car start it's life as Jelcz 315M, which means short truck, 316 is longer, 3-axle version. I make longer cargo space using 2 cargos space from stock 315M. It isn't the same as 1:1 version, and that also makes me angry.
Someday I build another one from polystrene and make it with tarpaulin.
I finished up this car, this week I'll show you presentation of Jelcz 31X family :)

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Presentation: FSO Warszawa 200 Pickup+car trailer

Today I'll show you how I reanimate wreck of Warszawa 200 Pickup. It had no bumper, no headlights, mirrors were missing. So go to short tab, and next to photos ;)

Make: FSO Warszawa
Model: 200 Pickup
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Poland "Kultowe Auta PRLu"
Scale: 1:43 diecast
List of changes:
-resin replacements for headlights painted turquoise RAL 5018
-frames of front turn signals painted RAL 5018
-far-reaching headlights with "Hella" marks, painted RAL 5018 as a bumper replacement
-steelies painted RAL 5018
-"deep" of cargo space and front grille painted black
-camber on front axle
-lowered suspension
-towing hook
-one mirror on driver's side
-polish registration plates, type '06
-door's windows rubbers painted black
Make: No-name
Model: Single car trailer
Model maker: Hand-made by Brociu
Scale: 1:43 polystyrene model

Saturday, 2 May 2015

What really makes me happy?

Warning! Achtung! Attenzione! Uwaga!
This post isn't about my work, but you'll seen it it a couple of really beatiful tuned cars. Hope you enjoy! ;)

I don't think the title matches the theme of post, but it doesn't really matter. I want to show you what is my inspiration. The best thing people made is-in my opinion-JDM style mixed with old russian cars. Also in Poland we can do our best with our old Fiats, Polonezes, Warszawas and Syrenas.
I think when you going to do something cool with your old communist car, the best place to do it, is Russia and secondly Poland.
Russia is big country, and diversity of styles of tuning cars is huge. You can see nice stanced Lada Samara, sitting next to JDMish Lada 2106 and "resto" tuned Moskvitch. So maybe let's go for a trip on the best of the best tuned cars in Poland and Russia?
I don't know from what my passion to old russian cars starts, but from the begining of "Kultowe Auta PRLu" series, which one I mentioned in my first ever post on this blog, I start to learn about old communist cars. Shortly after roll out of series, prices of Polish cars start to grown. 7-8 years ago Polonez MR'78 costs about 700-800$. Now it's 3000$!
But it isn't important for my post. I start to enjoy tuned old cars maybe half year ago? I start searching, and first car I bumped into was this