Tuesday 8 November 2016

Presentation: Citroen 15 T.A. Rat Rod

History of this car is really strange. It was one of very first diecast kits in my hands, back in 2006 I bet.
I assembled it, have fun with it and then it go to the box with lack of some parts. Then I found it about year ago with other toy/model cars from my childhood. 1/24 aren't my playground so I decided to sell it. Unfortunately only Citroen left and I had to do something with it. Old car, so there was only one way-rat rod!
It turn out pretty well as for my abilities at the moment, but I left undetailed engine, so hasn't even got proper presentation, cause I wanted to correct this... but... I swapped seats from Corvette, so why not swap engine? I got one spare LS1 engine, but without cover... so I ordered another Corvette, just for engine cover, which finally stay unused.
Finally, car is done. Of course with some mistakes, but for that long project... it's good that's finished... ;)

Make: Citroen
Model: 15 Traction Avant
Model maker: BBurago
Scale: 1:24 diecast
-changed wheels for custom made ones
-painted black with lot of rust
-LS1 engine from Corvette
-seats from Corvette
-painted interior
-removed bumpers
-removed lights
-polished windows
-painted details
-custom hood

Saturday 5 November 2016

Presentation: VAZ 2106 Pесто


I bought this car as part of the "Kultowe Auta PRL" series about year and half ago. I did some mods to the interior, broke windshield and leave it. Finally in December of 2015, I managed to get VAZ 2103 and swap windshields. Then did some other mods (i.e. Wunderbaum on interior's mirror) and drop it on custom F40 wheels, but I wasn't satisfied with effects. Some days ago I finally finish it, going a bit in russian resto style, so
-keep original state of car
-lowered using airrirde
-bigger steelies with low profile tires
I don't have much more to write, cause mods are simple.

Make: VAZ (Lada)
Model: 2106
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Poland "Kultowe Auta PRL"
Scale: 1:43 diecast
-changed rims and tires
-painted interior
-added details and russian plates
-painted details
-polished paint

Saturday 29 October 2016

Presentation: Warszawa 200 Pickup "Classy"

This car was previously showed as one of very first posts here --> May 2015 <--.
It was car which had to be throwed away and I recovered it.
It was really bad, as You can see on linked post, so I decided to redo it.
Car had original paint, there was lack of lights, bumper and wheels.
I decided to keep original paint, polish it, improve rubbers of windows and change style to more classical.
Some photos from W.I.P. are in the end of this post.

Make: FSO Warszawa
Model: 200P
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Poland "Kultowe Auta PRL"
Scale: 1:43 diecast
-repaired paint
-painted rubbers of windows
-new wheels
-wooden bed's floor
-repainted rear lights
-redone headlights
-new bumper
-polish registration plates
-removed tow hook
-painted interior
-imitation of airride suspension
-custom exhaust

Wednesday 19 October 2016

Presentation: Fiat 126p Cult (second take)

I made some Fiats 126p, but I think that this one is very first one. I wasn't satisfied with it (It's visible here), so I decided to redo it.

This is last pic of it in it's first state:

Sunday 16 October 2016

Presentation: VW Rabbit "The (Rust) Bucket" + W.I.P. [ENG/PL]

I've got a lot inspirations from all around. And this Rabbit is one of it ;)

Mam tonę inspiracji, które spływają z każdego możliwego miejsca. I ten Rabbit jest jedną z nich ;)

Wednesday 7 September 2016

Fiat 126p 1/8: Not Your typical build [ENG/PL]

DeAgostini finally launched series "Fiat 126p Maluch 1/8" which contains Fiat 126p + Niewiadow N126 trailer in 1/8 scale as DIY scale car in 125 issues. Today second issue is rolling out, but previously we've got two "test" series, with only 4 issues. I managed to get this "test" series and also number of first issue of regular series.
As You know me, You know that I wouldn't keep it stock so...

Deagostini wreszcie wypuściło serię "Fiat 126p Maluch 1/8", która zawiera Fiata 126p + przyczepę Niewiadów N126 w skali 1/8, jako model do samodzielnego złożenia, rozłożony na 125 numerów. Dzisiaj do sprzedaży wchodzi drugi numer, lecz wcześniej mieliśmy dwie serie testowe, z tylko czterema numerami. Udało mi się zdobyć serię testową jak i sporą ilość numeru pierwszego z serii regularnej.
Znacie mnie, więc wiadomo że na długo nie pozostaną w seryjnym stanie...

Firstly I want to acquaint You with first issue and made a little review of it.
This is how it looks assembled:

Ale najpierw chciałbym zapoznać Was z pierwszym numerem i zrobić jego krótką recenzję.
Oto jak wygląda złożony:

Monday 22 August 2016

#DailyGolf: Let's start!

I'm Bart and I just bought a new daily.

Probably that's how I'd start my build thread on forum, if my Golf MK7 GTI was real.
But it isn't.

Friday 10 June 2016

#MaluchGroupBuild: Part One: Introduce

I decided to do little changes of way I post my things on the internet. I'll give details soon.
Maluch Group Build-what it is?
I have to make 10 custom Fiats 126p for customer. I also have some mine 126ps so I decided to call them all "MaluchGroupBuild". So this project will consist of 10 Fiats for customer + extra ones for my collection.
Let's start relation!

1. Rat Style 126p '88
Original car:

My creation started from the bottom-I had to strip paint from chassises

Then, step-by-step I started to paint car, rust it, roll out fenders etc.

After polishing


Then some teaser photos and adding last touch:

Aaaaand the final car:

With roof rack

2. Fisher's Rat Style 126p
Second one was Fisher's 126p. Fisher is well known for his tuned polish cars and also for this 126p:

I had to redo his car, so let's go!

As You can see, I didn't wait much and do most of things on the first day


As You can see, there is also second similiar car on some pics

Extra#1. JDMed 126Bis
This is my own creation, I decided to make JDM inspired Fiat 126p out of part-less Bis I had in my workshop.

Car has damaged fenders, rust and lot of other changes to make it look like japanese kei-drift-car

Final images with some addons on car

What's next?

Maybe this?

Stay tuned for more, comment and share if You like this!



! :)