Tuesday, 5 May 2015

What I'm actually working with?

I have a lot of projects opened and far from finish. I'm starting to finish one after one, but it's hard. So maybe a little list with all started projects?

1. JZS Jelcz 316
It's going to be a fast, three- or four-day job. It isn't.
This car makes me angry, each time I start work with it.
Now I'm painting it, when there aren't be paint mistaktes, I'll build it up and post photos.
Project status is about 80%, to finish left one or two coats of paint, and make a lot of corrections to cabin using black paint.
Car start it's life as Jelcz 315M, which means short truck, 316 is longer, 3-axle version. I make longer cargo space using 2 cargos space from stock 315M. It isn't the same as 1:1 version, and that also makes me angry.
Someday I build another one from polystrene and make it with tarpaulin.
I finished up this car, this week I'll show you presentation of Jelcz 31X family :)

2. Car transporter builded takeing pattern from D-91 (PRL's car transporter for Star 28)
I build a car transporter for truck based on Jelcz 315 (Jelcz 317), and I'm stuck at end...
To finish left only do the sanding and putty somewhere, then paint all yellow.
And process a lot of wheels, mirrors and wipers, for 3 cars that will be as load on this.
Now it looks like this:

But it's totally f@#ked up. To build it properly I have to do everything once again. Maybe I'll do it sometime.

3. Nissan PS13 Silvia US-Style
Tamiya Kit in 1:24 scale. My first plastic kit. I decided to make it fully stripped interior, without bonnet and front bumper, with wide body kit and LSx swap from Corvette. I'm stuck at making body, and interior, that's gona be long trip...

4. Nysa 522
I found old model that I start modify 5 years ago. Now it's going to be stanced race van. LOL

5. Ford Fairlane
Chop-top, lowrider and engine with stroker/up the bonnet. I'm stuck at reglueing roof, because it's very hard and annoying...

6. ZIL 118K "Camper"
ZIL 118K was a small coach for russian dignitaries. I decided to make it as a camper car.
I'm stuck at makeing extended roof...

7. Solaris Urbino 12 MKIII MPK Cracow
I start makeing Solaris Urbino 12 in 1:43 based on carton model from "Orlik".
It has partially finished interior, completed rear end, front end, and sides, but it's f@#ked up, so I must do front end once again. And I don't want to do it, so it sits in drawer for two months...

8. Moskvitch 400
Plan is clear: hot rod. This is project I'm curently working with, so maybe it'll be finished shortly

9. Moskvitch 407
I couldn't belive I don't finish it yet. Only thing left is paint resin replacements of front and tail lights. And I don't have any photos of it. Ooops.

10. JDM wheels in 1:43
Long work... and very annoying..

11. Custom wide body kit for "Lada Classic" family.
Sometime ago I saw an amazing drawing of VAZ 2105 w/ custom wide body. I start makeing it on my own, for 1:43 scale. Firstly I made fast sketch with minor changes (you can see below) and I'm doing it. Rear fenders are done, now it's time for front fenders, maybe side skirts, front lip and boot lip (this causes a lot of troubles).

I'm makeing it for VAZ 2107, but tomorrow I'll buy 2106 and see, maybe it fits to other cars of Classic family ;)
Stay tuned for more!
! :)

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