Friday, 10 June 2016

#MaluchGroupBuild: Part One: Introduce

I decided to do little changes of way I post my things on the internet. I'll give details soon.
Maluch Group Build-what it is?
I have to make 10 custom Fiats 126p for customer. I also have some mine 126ps so I decided to call them all "MaluchGroupBuild". So this project will consist of 10 Fiats for customer + extra ones for my collection.
Let's start relation!

1. Rat Style 126p '88
Original car:

My creation started from the bottom-I had to strip paint from chassises

Then, step-by-step I started to paint car, rust it, roll out fenders etc.

After polishing


Then some teaser photos and adding last touch:

Aaaaand the final car:

With roof rack

2. Fisher's Rat Style 126p
Second one was Fisher's 126p. Fisher is well known for his tuned polish cars and also for this 126p:

I had to redo his car, so let's go!

As You can see, I didn't wait much and do most of things on the first day


As You can see, there is also second similiar car on some pics

Extra#1. JDMed 126Bis
This is my own creation, I decided to make JDM inspired Fiat 126p out of part-less Bis I had in my workshop.

Car has damaged fenders, rust and lot of other changes to make it look like japanese kei-drift-car

Final images with some addons on car

What's next?

Maybe this?

Stay tuned for more, comment and share if You like this!



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