Saturday, 26 September 2015

Hot Wheels Workshop: Part #1-Introduce

Some of You maybe know my Facebook page so title of post won't be suprising. This week I started renewing two Chevys Chevelle SS, but in little different scale. They're 1/64 Hot Wheels die-casts. They were in bad condition, chassisies almost didn't exist. But after some time, they end up as really good (remembering previous state) scale cars ;)

Sunday, 20 September 2015

W.I.P Build #1: JDM Lada 2107 Second: Getting shape

It take long time from previous post with NissanLada, but I didn't do much. Why? I'm waiting for Milliput, I've got some issues, I work with another Lada to stress out and I was really busy in school. But I have some photos, and I'm going to show it to You really quickly ;)

Monday, 14 September 2015

Additional Photoshoot: Moskvitch 407

Nothing much done with Lada, so I will show You next post from "Additional Photoshoot" series ;)
Maybe some of You remember Moskvitch 407 in two-tone paint, and yellow steelies? For ones who didn't saw it, look now!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

W.I.P Build #1: JDM Lada 2107 First: Introduction

Finally I found some time, to compile everything in one thing and show You with what I'm curently working.
So let's start from the begging. I always want to build something special, unusual... I decided to build strongly modified Lada 2107. Last week I finally decided to start this W.I.P. and now it's time to show my progress.
List of future mods I want to do:
-lowered suspension
-modified chassis
-shaved interior
-removed bonnet
-full engine (SR20DET)and engine bay-scratch build
-custom bodykit
-JDM wheels
-JDM stylish of exterior
Three last things from list are still undecided.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Additional Photoshoot: 2xRAF 2203

I've been really tired yesterday and today in turn I'm really busy. I've got special posts for such a occasion, so I want to show You first post from series "Additional Photoshoot". In this series I'll show You cars showed previously but in new scenery and with new photos. For the first shoot I'll show two RAFs 2203.
Beside they're the same cars, there are also one thing which connect them: Blue one is first scale car I did, and green is one I did almost half year later. Can You spot a difference?
To see full changes list and everything else go here (blue) or here (green)

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

What's new in the workshop #9 "Something newer"

As You probably saw on Facebook I done Lada 112, which is really new car compared to my other works, it has only twenty years ;)
Car didn't satisfy me, so there will be no "Presentation" post about it. I have an idea to redone it, and maybe this will be it's chance to be showed ;)