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History Lesson: Luxury versions of Lada cars-2106 and 2107

Russian automotive is so far best known for Lada. Lot of models stay in production to date, or its production stop in past 5 years. Why they build the same model for 30 years? It's hard to believe, but yes, this cars have big market. And in Russia nobody cares about norms of emission like Euro 5 or 6 in European Union. But a very little of people knows that Lada 1500 (2107) or 1600 (2106) had their roots in late 60's!
So let start from the very beginning.
In 1966 soviet authority decided to build car under licension. They sign agreement with italian Fiat, and they bought licension for Fiat 124, which made its debut this year. Russians build factory in 4 years, and in 1970 production of Lada 1200 (VAZ 2101) starts. From 1966 to 1970 they made about 800 changes to the car, to better fits russian standards. They made it for 18 years, and build about 4.85 mln copies! But of course car changes through the years. Main changes are 2103 and 2105 models.
2103 has to be "luxury" version of 2101 and equivalent of Fiat 124S. Both cars (124S and 2103) were made together by VAZ and Fiat. Car made its debut 2 years after predecessor and both car stays in production. 2103 was much expensive than 2101, but was very popular on export after 1974.
2105 made its debut in 1980, but was in development for 6 years. Russians knows that 2101 becomes older, and they have to build something more competitve. And thats all from introduce. Now we go to main part of post.
So I mentioned 2101, 2103, 2105, but what the hell are 2106 and 2107 said in title? Let me explain.
2103 and 2105 were modifications of basic 2101, but they also get older. In 1975 (yep, faster than todays facelitings) they introduce 2106 which is slightly modificated 2103.
Looks complicated? Little tree:
Fiat 124+800 modifications=VAZ 2101
VAZ 2101+different front grille w/ 4 headlights+moldings on the sides of body+larger rear lights=VAZ 2103
VAZ 2101+rectangle headlights+rectangle larger rear lights+new interior=VAZ 2105
VAZ 2103+larger, integrated taillights+black non-chrome grille+newer engine=VAZ 2106
VAZ 2105+larger chrome grille+different creases on bonnet and trunk=VAZ 2107
We are still missing 2102 and 2104 model numbers.
VAZ 2101+estate body=VAZ 2102
VAZ 2105+estate body=VAZ 2104
Fixed! ;)
Back to the main topic.
So Lada 2106. It stays in production for 26 years! And later in another factory in Russia its been made for next 5 years. Russians made a lot of changes to the engine, thought it had a lot of potential. They were wrong. After a lot of modification, engine produces only 3hp more, but torque increase by 14nm.
And Lada 2107. This also was a "luxury" version, but for 2105 model. It has larger front grille and different engines. It stays in production from 1982 to 2012! 30 years! Alongside VW Beetle, VW Transporter and another cars, it is one of cars that stayed in production the longest!
I think that's enough for the beginning, this cars has a lot more of history worth of mention, but maybe another time? :)
And now, see the photos of VAZ 2106 alongside 2107. Of course in 1:43 scale ;)
Make: VAZ (Lada)
Model: 2106 (1600)
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Poland "Kultowe Auta PRLu" Issue 173
Make: VAZ (Lada)
Model: 2107 (1500)
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Russia "Автолегенды СССР" Issue 31

Photos aren't best, cause we got bad wheather this week in Poland, sorry for that :)
Stay tuned for more
! :)

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