Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Presentation: VAZ 2107 (Lada 1600) on old russian street

Yesterday I didn't post, and I don't think tomorrow I'll be able to post history of Jelcz. So only one model car left to presentate and it's little bit stanced VAZ 2107. I made photos of it on diorama of old russian street. I'm going to modify this diorama a little bit, include new sidewalks, sewer drains, add new walls, replace garage...

Make: VAZ (Lada)
Model: 2107 (1600)
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Russia "Автолегенды СССР"
List of changes:
-lowered suspension
-camber (now it's a little bit smaller)
-new steelies
-russian registration plates
-deep of front grille painted black
-boot lip

Sorry for very weak post today, but for me, only 3 weeks of school left, so I got a lot of work!
Stay tuned, I promise I don't disapoint you this week
Best regards
! :)

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