Sunday, 10 May 2015

What really makes me happy? Part II

I said last week that Sunday is the presentation day of stanced cars from Poland and Russia. So let's go! ;)
We'll start with amazing, yellow, bagged Fiat 125p

This camping trailer is awesome!
Also his mate, blue Fiat is such a nice car

Maybe another Fiat? In Poland we call these cars "Big Fiat" or Bandzior, wchich means "Badass". And nickname of this car is also pretty simple. I present you Fiat 125p "Skurviel" which means... "motherf##ker" :)

It's a newer car, 1985, which means it's FSO not Fiat. End of licension, you know.

So turn to "small Fiat" which means 126p. But it's not regular 126p. In 87' we got modification which contains new engine and different style of rear end-we finally got a trunk on Fiat! And as you can see on registration plate, we can name it "little skurviel" ;)

Finding photos of modified Żuks is always hard, so sorry for this pics, they should be better
It's a Żuk A03. From this type of car I get rear end for my trailer from the last post ;)

But this blue Żuk has it's own fanpage on Facebook, so it isn't problem to find photos ;)
It's nickname is "Żukorolka" which is Żuk+deskorolka, in polish it's "skateboard" ;)

And now we go to Russia!
I think lot of you guys know this project. It's flipping around internet for 4 or 5 years. Lada 21099 which means sedan version of Samara-Forma ;)
Low as f##k

Maybe something small now? Lada Oka. Small car for russian people, such a copy of Suzuki Alto/Fronte. Maybe that's the reason why it looks sick on SSRs? :)

And now, lowrider Volga M24-02 with american, chrome, wheels

Salloon Volga for someone?

And I did not present you any Moskvitch, so:
It's a 408 model, with newer frontlights. I think, cause remember all Moskvitch models is harder than remember changes in Fiat 125p ;)

I think it's last car for today. It's a VAZ 2104, which is 2105 Estate ;)

That's all for today guys, tomorrow I'll be back to school, so I will not post this often, but stay tuned, tomorrow you'll get another lesson of history ;)
Best regards
! :)

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