Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Presentation: Lada Samara (VAZ 2108 Спутник)

Hi guys! ;)
I have lot of work for school and in my house, so next Presentation of a slightly modified russian car :)
This is V2 of this car, I think some time I'll make V3, but now I don't have ideas to do mods that fits the style of car.
Make:Lada (VAZ)
Model: Samara (2108 "Спутник")
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Russia "Автолегенды СССР"
Scale: 1:43 diecast
List of changes:
-lowered suspension
-new, smaller steelies from VAZ 2107
-deeper parts of radiator painted black
-new russian registration plates

-front lip under the bumper
-front right lamp modified to dedicated Morette one, painted black
-external oil cooler on front bumper
-roof rack
-opened rear windows
-side skirts painted black

I hope you guys enjoyed it, and stay tuned for more ;) I'll by back by friday with something cool I think ;)
See you soon
! :)

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