Tuesday, 19 May 2015

What's new in the workshop #1

I presented you all finished up models, so now slowly modifing of another began.
Curently I'm working the most with Nysa 522. I filled up all holes in body and grind left door ("Milicja"'s model had sliding doors on both sides, civil car had it only on the right) and now I'm making new chassis and interior.
I have a little problems choosing wheels, so maybe you can help me? ;)
Version number 1

Version number 2
Version number 3

Of course all wheels can be painted, but I want to save chrome caps ;)
I'm opting for third option, like it a lot.

Rest of the work with Nysa

New chassis with some of parts mounted

Yep, I know, it isn't much, I also test fit some Equips to Ford Fairlane and I'm in love! *_* It's gorgeus!

And now I'm making fourth or fifth A-pillars and I don't like it...

Some photos of modified Equips, to fit the tyres

We start with this

A lot of grinding of wheel...

To get this!

Wheel with tyre is only test fitted, on the model it will be much better ;)

Stay tuned for more, maybe tomorrow I'll back from school with new model car to build it up!

Best regards
! :)

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