Monday, 26 October 2015

Hot Wheels Workshop: Part #4-Fall in love

Hi! I thought I can post something about Lada, but I search through pictures and there are no updates! I'm shocked a bit... But even if I have 5 next HW on workbench, I'll know work only with 1/43 scale for some time ;)
Last thing for now from HotWheels, that I want to show is Nissan Skyline C111 "Kenmeri", inspired by Kato's blue one. Probably it's most advanced HotWheelsCustom from my workshop, full repaint, custom made rear wall, custom made rims and tires, custom made rollcage, oil cooler etc. You'll see on photos ;) It isn't 100% replica of LibertyWalk one, cause it's got another type of ducktail, rear lights, some minor changes in mine 1/64 car :)

Friday, 16 October 2015

W.I.P Build #1: JDM Lada 2107 Third: Long way to go

Hi! :)
I want to apologize for frequency of updates, but I don't have time for post and even for work.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Hot Wheels Workshop: Part #3-Slow down!

Another post about HotWheels, sorry for this. I've got really busy time in school, and don't seem to be better in future.
After four HW done, I'll pause for a while-now got only lowrider Chevelle on bench, and Huracan in drawer.
All power of will now go to the NissanLada ;) It's too good project to lay on bench such long time!
But now I want to invite You to read a post, which conlude my HotWheels work for now.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hot Wheels Workshop: Part #2-Still learning

Maybe some of You are bored with me, still modding HotWheelses ;)
I'm also working with Lada, but for now I have a lot of sanding, so I can do it only some minutes per day, to not destroy my fingers completely ;)

As You remember, I present orange Silverado last time.