Sunday, 24 May 2015

Ferrari California (Close Top) Revell 1/24 WIP #2

My internet is a nice mistake, so I can't post much...
And I was at Moto Show Kraków yesterday, so I can't do much with cars.
Since last post I do a lot of things to Ferrari.
We end #1 with first coat of paint on chassis, and sanding the body.

I test fit the bonnet, and it fits perfectly, so it's a nice surprise for me.

Then I start painting parts of engine. It's really nice, good details, and quality is very good.

I also paint suspension. You can't see this on pics, but springs are red with space between the coils painted black.

This was very difficult part, but I think it's nice covered for the first time.

Applying red on the cover...

Then black and silver

Engine block

Exhaust manifolds, spark plugs mounted

Suspension mounted

Chassis painted with exhaust mounted

Then I add decals. Also first time, using only water, sits pretty well

Radiator glued and painted

Everything painted and glued together

Transmission and rear axle mounted

Next: priming the body. Exerything to this goes with instruction, starting with this I start little mess.

And first coat of paint. 30 minutes ago I do the second and strange scuffs appeared, it's going to be looooong painting...

I also paint floor to matt black

And rest of interior to glossy black

It all for today, next post will be up on Tuesday, with wheels painted and mounted, and all of the interior mounted together ;)
Stay tuned for this!
Best regards
! :)

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