Sunday, 26 April 2015

Little introduce

Hi! I'm Bartek, 17 yo and I'm from Poland. I'm into communist automotive and japanese cars from late 80's to mid 00's. My interest is scale model cars, so I think blog is a great idea to share my work with another people ;)
I wrote "work". Yep, let me introduce this. Name of page is "Brociu 43 Workshop". Brociu is my nickname, I mainly work with model cars in 1:43 scale, so "43", and "Workshop" because most of models I have, are modified by me. I want to share progress with my W.I.P.s, my ended works, maybe "Tips 'n' tricks" and share models from you guys in special posts? :)
At this time my collection contains about 130 model cars in 1:43, ~10 models in 1:72 including military ones, some 1:24 from my childhood and six 1:18 models, I'm very proud of it. 1:24 in my collection is dominated by BBurago cars from 90's. 1:18 models are mostly AutoART (4 pieces), Minichamps/PMA (1 pcs) and one from Universal Hobbies. And finally 1:72 and 1:43. Only newspaper series. We have some in Poland, most of cars are from "Kultowe Auta PRL" which is collection that appear twice a month in stores, and contains cars from PRL-People Republic of Poland time. Firstly we get cars from Poland, Russia, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Yugoslavia and Romania. But gradually cars changes. Publisher starts to add cars from Great Britain, West Germany, some from France and Italy. Some of this cars fits perfectly to PRL times, but Land Rover I Series? Really? But from this collection my collection starts. Next I bought some non-newspaper series cars and then I stopped. Six months ago I returned to develop my collection. I bought some models from russian series "Avtolegendy CCCP" and "Avtomobil On Duty", one model from IST Models, and one truck from NashAvtoprom. Now I'm focused on changing model cars. I've got about 8 works started LOL. I'm also trying to make models from start to end, basing on photos on documentation.
You'll see everything in next posts :) So now I'm back to work with blog, and starting tomorrow I'll post my ended works from past 5 months ;)
See you soon, Brociu ;)

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