Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 year summary and Lada 2107

I haven't post for long, long time, I apologize for that and promise I'll do better next time ;)

It’s New Year’s Eve, so I want to show a little summary of last year. I started my scale car adventure in December 2014, so this summary will contain cars also from that month.
Cars bought in 2015: 119
96 1:43 cars
21 1:64 cars
2 1:24 cars

I modified 39 cars and build one. 4 of it need to be redone. I also have 10 cars currently on workshop.
Also I did interior repaints for 3 cars which aren’t mine.

Plans for next Year?
-Finish all cars from workshop
-Photograph at least 75% of my collection and make it affordable to watch for everyone
-Reach 20k views on my blog (currently near 4k it's 3992! C'mon!) and 2k likes on Facebook

And now, Lada 2107. I modified this car as my first tuned scale car. Now I smoked headlights and painted bumpers+grille in matt black. I also redo ducktail.

Greetings and best wishes in 2016!

! :)

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