Thursday, 10 December 2015

Twin Build #4: Volga M21

It's really sad, that I almost don't have time for posting and even for work with my scale cars :/
And You may be surprised, why I wrote "#4". So... second Twin Build was two Chevelles SS from HotWheels and they turn out really bad. Third Twin Build was two Huracans also from HW... which I didn't post?! Oooops my bad, I apologize and will fix this later ;)
So fourth build was two Volgas.
Black one was damaged and presents a car from II series.
Yellow one was stock from АВТОМОБИЛЬ НА СЛУЖБЕ and presents a car from III series.
I mixed it together, to made two proper scale cars for my collection :)


Make: GAZ
Model: Volga M21
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Poland "Kultowe Auta PRL" and DeAgostini's Russia "АВТОМОБИЛЬ НА СЛУЖБЕ"
Scale: 1:43 diecast
-polished paint
-conversion to third series Volga M21
-painted details and interior
-new wheels
-Russian registration plate

-"SLMMD PTRL" sign on rear shelf
-removed fuel cap
-Russian registration plates
-painted interior
-conversion to second series Volga M21
Car showed in process of rusting.

So, as I mention on top, I've got some arreas with showing my creations, so stay tuned for more often updates!

Best regards
! :)


  1. Czarna Wołga wyszła świetnie ! Jak już Tobie mówiłem - Widziałbym ją także i w mojej kolekcji :)

    Pozdrawiam !


    1. Gdybyś miał ją w swojej kolekcji, to te radiowozy nareszcie miałyby kogo ścigać... ;)

      Pozdrawiam, Brociu