Monday, 26 October 2015

Hot Wheels Workshop: Part #4-Fall in love

Hi! I thought I can post something about Lada, but I search through pictures and there are no updates! I'm shocked a bit... But even if I have 5 next HW on workbench, I'll know work only with 1/43 scale for some time ;)
Last thing for now from HotWheels, that I want to show is Nissan Skyline C111 "Kenmeri", inspired by Kato's blue one. Probably it's most advanced HotWheelsCustom from my workshop, full repaint, custom made rear wall, custom made rims and tires, custom made rollcage, oil cooler etc. You'll see on photos ;) It isn't 100% replica of LibertyWalk one, cause it's got another type of ducktail, rear lights, some minor changes in mine 1/64 car :)

You can see little damaged blisterbox, cause it's last year's edition and it lay in shop for long time

Of course damaged windows, as usual in my HWs...


One seat modified

Oh, I also removed indicators from rear and front

Custom rear-end

Almost identical paint as on Liberty Walk one

Black details

Maybe Equips?

They're same lights, but look like different, strange thing

Kato has stripped interior in rear part, I decided to left original, good rear seats

Something similiar to original ones...

Fitment isn't really good, I know this

And this is coming next... I don't know, should I rust it or make it clean? ;)

Best regards!
! :)


  1. Witam
    Bardzo podobają mi się twoje projekty a kolor w tym skylinie nieziemski a efekt końcowy wywala poza skalę. Jak chcesz to wbij na mój blog również o modelach 1:43 - oraz jakbyś chciał to pozbywam się modeli

    1. Bardzo dziękuję :) Komentarze motywują do dalszej pracy ;)
      Co do Twojego bloga, to już kiedyś na niego przypadkiem trafiłem, ale zapomniałem o nim, a widzę że był to błąd!
      Chętnie dodam do obserwowanych ;)
      Również pozdrawiam