Saturday, 10 October 2015

Hot Wheels Workshop: Part #3-Slow down!

Another post about HotWheels, sorry for this. I've got really busy time in school, and don't seem to be better in future.
After four HW done, I'll pause for a while-now got only lowrider Chevelle on bench, and Huracan in drawer.
All power of will now go to the NissanLada ;) It's too good project to lay on bench such long time!
But now I want to invite You to read a post, which conlude my HotWheels work for now.

Last time I showed some works with Datsun 510 Wagon. I finished it up, but everything step by step:
Test fitting welded rear fenders

Seatbelts-only one option: Takata!

Front fenders were also welded, to fit cambered, brown painted wheels

Gear knob and wheel get wood-inspired colour

One light went of, to make space for oil cooler lines


Once again


Another one was also wanted by me: '62 Chevy Custom.

It's really popular casting, for 2015's fall HW anounced white/blue version, which is really awesome and I'm going to find it sometime ;)

Paint scratches, quality of HWs is similiar to IXO for coffee series

Nice surfing's mount

Moon discs?

Preparing rust...

More colours...

Rear lights have to be red, so paint stripped

Almost done...

Front lights changed to real ones

Aaaaaand here it is!

All my HWs:

On some pics You can see Lada in background:

Don't worry, wheels are only for protect it from touching ground ;)

Best regards
! :)

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