Saturday, 8 August 2015

Presentation: ZIL 118K JDM

When You read this words I'll probably be on holidays at beatiful polish sea, and searching for good places to shoot my scale cars ;)
So don't speak to much as usual in presentations, check out full photoshoot of ZIL 118K in JDM version ;)

Make: ZIL ( ЗиЛ )
Model: 118K
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Russia "АВТОМОБИЛЬ НА СЛУЖБЕ"
Scale: 1:43 diecast
List of mods:
-removed all lab equipment
-cleared windows
-windows and lights rubbers painted
-rear lights re-painted
-smaller front registration plate mount
-lowered suspension
-Work VS-XX knock-offs
-car painted in Motip's RAL5015 blue paint with black stripe on bottom
-interior painted in Pactra's A51
-wipers painted black
-removed mirrors
-7 sets of drift equipped steelies on rear of car
-painted all side markers and addition lights

Best regards and thanks for watching! ;)
! :)


  1. Ty chyba nie wiesz co znaczy JDM.

    1. Chętnie się dowiem, teach me master ;)
      W Japonii wcale nie mają busów (Toyota Previa choćby), na VIPowym kole (ok, VS-XX mało vipowe, no ale), wcale... ;)

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