Wednesday, 22 July 2015

What's new in the workshop #4 "Gaz 13B"

At sunday I found old scale car from "Kultowe Auta PRL" in which I cut roof about five years ago. I did research and figured out that real cabriolet version of this car really exist. But my scale car has a lot of mistakes.
But not anymore! After 2 days of work, car is done and waits for its own photoshoot ;)
But slowly, I'll show you everything step by step.

I tore apart it:

Funny thing is that roof and side panels are from plastic, and are deatachable. Crazy idea IST!

Then interior, also lot of parts, which is very unusual in models from coffee series:

And paint it!:

Of course I had to destroy something by mistake...

Next thing: details-I really like this, because it's quite easy job, and give you awesome results.
I.e. front grille.

And after:

Then polishing and assembling:

On this pics car is almost done, about saturday I'll show you photoshoot and little history post about this car ;)

Stay tuned, and don't forget to check my facebook page :)

Best regards,
! :)

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