Friday, 3 July 2015

Twin Build #1: UAZ 452 x UAZ 452 Episode 4

I don't have any power to make models last days, but I finish up both UAZes and I'm impressed!
But presentation comes tomorrow (or in Monday, but this is very pesimistic option) (My internet connection gone for 24h and I had problems with photoshoot, so only W.I.P. photos today, and maybe something cool on my facebook today ;) so now check out photos from last things I do :)

I found nice pic of tuned UAZ, in the same colour as mine, and it has got custom snorkel, mounted on the side, right to the air intake. So I made something similiar

Then I painted interior and made another seats setting, to match original 3909

In trunk now is little... trunk (you can see on the driver's side) and bookstand with drawers (on the passenger's side)

I found nice off road wheel, but only one. I know I have full set of those, but I don't know where :/
So I try on car winch :)

And next day I painted all set in matt black. I did it also to front custom bumper, and roof lights support.

And both UAZes are finished!

Tomorrow I'm going to my cousin's wedding, so I'll be back maybe on Monday :D
Remember to check my facebook, it's full of interesting things, usually faster than here :)

Best regards
! :)

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