Friday, 17 July 2015

What's new in the workshop #3 "Custom Hot-rod"

Before Samaras I worked with custom Moskvitch 400, and it's about to end!
But easy, I'll show you this step by step :)

Long time ago I take off paint from car, and cut off rear fenders. Now time for make in-fenders from polystyrene.

Little to much styrene here... :P

I've got full interior for this car, but I see nice hot-rod truck from USA and it has got interior made from clear aluminium and decided to do something similiar.

In this state car look like ugly cars called "Nestor" which polish guys really like to do on Lincoln Town Car... It's theme for another post... :)

I made custom control arms and glued it to the custom frame

Primer unveiled some scuffs on the body, so I have to sand it

Rear also got custom wheel mounts

And then! Paint is custom black maded by me: first I do one coat of glossy black, and then one of matt one.
Paint scuffs are made using "salt chipping" metod, and then I paint CCCP symbols (hammer and sickle on roof, C.C.C.P. letters on side and red star on rear) cameing from under black paint. It looks so-so but it's second time I made it (first is on the end of post)... when I look at this car partialy done, sitting on the desk I really like it :)

Suspension custom made

Wheels from Ford Fairlane, clear red from Revell painted over original chrome finish.

Custom made brake discs

Brake calipers also from polystyrene

Full suspension for one wheel

Mounted on the car

I had some adventures with interior, so I done another one... :) Seats are from this car, but little bit changed and painted beige (Revell 314)

Dashboard is also original from the car

Car look like this for now:

When I was waiting for primer to dry I pick wreck from my wreck box. It's clear body from Warszawa 223 saloon, with interior and chassis only.

Using dremel I cut some parts of rear fender

Then my custom made rust paint

Salt chipping... for the first time

Painted and salt removed

It isn't perfect, but I'll do some more colours on it, some dust, more rust, and it will look good on trailer behind UAZ.
Hmmm it's everything in tonight's update, I'm going to mount front suspension on the Moskvitch right now, maybe tomorrow I'll do photoshoot of it :)
Best regards
! :)

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