Thursday, 4 June 2015

Presentation: Moskvitch 407 x Moskvitch 408

I have a lot of stuff to post, but I don't have time!
I invite you to my facebook, where I post everyday up to 3 photos of what I'm actually working with. But now it's time to large presentation, so I post on blog :)
Yesterday I get package from Russia, from It's huge shop with a lot of models, accesories, and everything! I recommend it!
I bought a lot of headlights, cause I get about thirty damaged models from Polish and Russian coffee series, and in each there are front lights missing. One car of this damaged, Moskvitch 407, I made about 2 months ago, and now I can finally put it on the wheels, cause I mounted front lights.
Red Moskvitch is car from last presentation, but in V2, I changed wheels to smaller and better looking for me ;)

Make: Moskvitch
Model: 407
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's coffee series
(chassis-"Автолегенды СССР" and rest from "Kultowe Auta PRL")
List of changes:
-chassis from the same model but from russian series
-lowered suspension
-two-tone steelies from Moskvitch 400
-lower part of car painted yellow
-lot of metallic extras, such as door frames, trunk hinges, chrome lath on both sides
-russian registration plates
-new headlights (previous were missing)
-new resin rear lights
, painted to match colour sheme of car (previous were missing)

Make: Moskvitch
Model: 408
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Russia "Автолегенды СССР"
List of changes:
-radiator and bumpers from newer model "Izh 412"
-lowered suspension
-new wheels, Work Equip 03 knock offs made from scratches
-tyres with very low profile
-japanese registration plates
-wheels changed to wide steelies from based on wheels from Moskvitch 400

Check out my blog tommorow, I'll post something... big? :D You'll see ;)
Best regards
! :)

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