Friday, 5 June 2015

Review: Mercedes-Benz Actros MP1 (New Ray x Daffi 1/43)

By start of this week I get really nice looking model car of modern truck tank, to be precise: Mercedes-Benz Actros MP1 with BP Ultimate trailer. It probably been produced by NewRay, and polish importer is Daffi. It is a series, which you can get on most of gas stations in Poland. You can get two paintings of Orlen, one type of Lotos, one of Statoil and one of BP. And I have last of this.
So go to the review!
Price: Model costs 49.90zł which is nearly 13.50$. Is it worth it?

Car: I don't know how rate this car. When you look at it from rear, you can see a lot of details in chassis, chrome, nice detailed fifth wheel coupling, side panels got nice decals. But now look on the front. Ugly plastic grille, lights with large bolts, and completely transparent. In plus, almost all of body is done from metal, with only grille made from plastic. I'll rate it 6/10

Trailer: all trailer is made from plastic. "BP Ultimate" and green parts are only vinyls. But when you don't look closely, it really looks very nice! It has a lot of details, also moving support. When you look closely, you can see that rear lights of trailers are... sticker! Ouch!
I think 7/10 is great value for effect which trailers give to your eyes.

All model: When you set this parts to one model, you can see that it completes each other. But... this types of trailer never drives through Poland. Also Actros+US type tank trailer also don't exist. So I rate it 6/10.

Conclusion: Model has nice details, but main parts are screwed. It fits greatly to your shelf, and is really nice addition, to smaller 1/43 cars. And yes, it looks huge. Very huge. I checked it. Yep, it's perfectly scaled :)

And some comparison photos with RAF 2203 Latvija "Surf Van"

So, is it worth? When you want to add something unusual to your collection, and make this very cheap, this is a great option!
Of course, car will have a slighty modernization, to look better :)

Best regards
! :)

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