Sunday, 28 June 2015

Twin Build #1: UAZ 452 x UAZ 452 Episode 3

I've got power for finish UAZes, so I start doing it!
First of all I didn't post anything about "first" UAZ in last update. In case that second is almost done, I made some things in first.

I did standard things, remove all parts (rear lights were glued, I broke them), remove standard paint, and then working with body.
I sanded residues from matrix, and cut off front radiator:

Then I paint all body in RAL 7001 grey, and it perfectly captures original grey UAZ's paint

As you can see on the above pictures, I also painted door rubbers black. Body was polished using K2 Turbo polishing paste.

Next thing was paint rubbers of windows:

It looks like this on the car:

Also, using UAZ's website I start makeing changes to transform car into real 3909 model:

Changes include also interior, cause 3909 is "Combi" 7-seater model, and 3909 done by DeAgostini has 11 seats...
Now interior is drying so I paint chassis:

Car looks like this for now (unpainted interior)

I also lost left front indicator, so I have to invite something...
Stay tuned, now I'm working with off-road equipment for this one!
You can check Episode 1 here and Episode 2 here
Best regards
! :)

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