Monday, 15 June 2015

Twin Build #1: UAZ 452 x UAZ 452 Episode 2

In the last couple of days I've been working on finishing second UAZ and making suspension for the first. I found nice tutorial of how to do it in 1/24 scale and... yep, that's the problem, everything in 1/43 scale is like two times smaller, so not everything will work as in 24 and doing everything is much, much harder...
I finish one wheel suspension, time for another three... And another problem, today's morning I cut of pad from my left hand's thumb, so it's very hard to do anything using practically one hand. But I promise, I'll keep updates :)
Now time for some photos I think :)

Headlights of this model car looks like china's "projector" headlights, very popular in "ricers". You can see what I mean here.

First step is deatach light from reflector and then paint the reflector in natural colour-silver

And then assembly everything! It looks like better?

I'm also thinking about little bit rusted roof rack. Something like this, of course with little mountings on the sides. Do you think it's great idea?

This is thing I gave the most attention. I've modify interior only once, in blue RAF ( do you remember it? ), but only slighty. Now time for adding more touch to this part of the car.
I painted it all to the body colour, then paint door trims, wheel, parts of dashboard and seats black.
Tubes of backrests, gauges and horn goes silver.

Then I add spare wheel in replace of last row of seats.

But something's missing... Yep, cover for spare

Little wheathering on it, and maybe rear light?

And bumper? Why not :)

Yunkyard's owner can be bored when his mate negotiate, so he gets issue of Russiskaya Gazeta in his car :)

Workmate comes with huge parts box and wheel. No space for this? We've got rear seats for it!

We have to remember that yunkyard to which belongs this UAZ is russian yunkyard. So driver sometimes can be drunk... And he can damage rear windows, light and stoplight, which is missing. Only a few cables with connectors left...

But left this jokes and go to the other work (of course I have nothing to Russians, Polish guys also likes to drink a lot ;) )
I made side windows rubbers

And almost finished car looks like this :)

Stay tuned for more, now I'm working mostly with bodies of hotrod Moskvitch 400 and airride dropped Nysa (ohh this body is really f%$#ed up, thank you DeAgostini!)because I can do this with one hand :)
Best regards,
! :)

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