Friday, 26 June 2015

Presentation: IZh 2715 x Skif-M Trailer

I don't post much last time, cause I didn't make anything special. Only burn my fingers, trying to make roof rack for "first" UAZ. But I have one model, which was not shown. So it's its day!
Make: IZh
Model: 2715
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Russia "АВТОМОБИЛЬ НА СЛУЖБЕ"
List of changes:
-grill, bumper, wipers and wheels from Moskvitch 408
-mirrors, rear bumper and rear lights frames painted chrome
-removed decals from both sides
-tow hook
-soviet registration plates


Make: Skif-M
Model: Camping Trailer
Model maker: Agat
List of changes:
-new wheels- "cytrynki" ("lemon wheels") from Polski Fiat 126P
-repainted rear lights
-soviet registration plate

I made only simple changes, but I think now car and trailer looks much more realistic than previous versions. But it's your choice, feel free to comment my job ;)

Best regards
! :)

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