Wednesday, 12 August 2015

What's new in the workshop #7 "Little detail up for rest"

I've got unbelievable power to do models, but unfortunately I don't have time. So with my nephew we do research through his scale cars, and we found some soviets from Kultowe Auta PRLu. I picked up one-RAF 2203 Latvia, with some scratches, dirty windows, no-mirrors and with lot of dust. My nephew wants only detail-up, but when I started, we bumped into some nice ideas, and maybe car will change someday ;) But now let the story begin:

As You can see, condition wasn't really bad, but car needed love

Missing mirror, and scratches on the windshield

Scratches, stain, once again mirror missing

Slighty damaged white stripe

Windows weren't at their places, caused by casting defects...

Rear lights in usual coffee series quality, all red

So windows removed, rubbers in painting

Also painted it on windows, to better result

Interior is pretty good, but it wasn't painted in proper factory scheme

One pic from polishing ;)

Seats, dashboard and side panels get usual brown finish

On dashboard You can also notice some silver paint, and beige on wheel

(ooops, wheel unpainted on this pic)

I also paint air intakes black

And rear lights proper way

Small rubbers are also here ;)

Wheels are from Porsche 356 and this is maximal lowering without interference in interior

Car also gets new mirrors, and finished look like this

This took me two days, both about 2hours of work, and I think this is only stage 1. My nephew wants to add roofrack with surfing board and some more mods to interior. But maybe You remember, I do really similiar RAF half year ago, and I don't think that doing another is good idea, but... we will see ;)
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