Friday, 29 January 2016

What's new in the workshop #12: Current projects

I started too many cars for now and I want to show You progress with everyone of it and little description about it.
Let's go, first are projects that I ended last days.

Citroen 15 T.A. Rat Rod
I posted it in last post, I'll make a presentation of it really soon ;)

It got seats from Corvette, rusted paint, lot of weathering and new wheels.

Also I posted minidiorama with Fiat 126p. I wanted to sell it, but finally it still stays in my case. But there's someone, who wanted something similiar, so I did this:

Base is the same Fiat 126p, but it got more details, display case and more background things.

I also made interior repaint in Jelcz PR110U in 1/72 scale and add some details:

And now we're going to write about which I mention on the top.

1) Polonez Atu Coupe
Based on Kultowe Auta PRL's Polonez Caro, tbp.faktoria did Polonez Atu and I ordered two of it.
I get interior and chassis from Polonez Coupe and started transformation of Atu into fiction Atu Coupe.

2) Lada SR2107
Lada 2107 with Nissan's SR20DET engine. I removed almost everything from engine bay and tore down engine, I want to do it once again, much better.
Last progress:

3) Volga M24
I wanted to do something similiar to Volgas from racing series "Dzintara Volga", but after some milliput, I decided to change my mind in totally hardcore way, more info soon ;)

4) Lada Samara 2108
This is going to be similiar build to Atu Coupe, both cars are inspired by Hachiroku, but different version, also more info soon

5) Lada 2106
This is almost done, but I had big problem with windshield, when I fixed it, now I've got problem what wheels I should fit to it...

6) Datsun 510 Wagon (HotWheels)
Also almost done, I need to build one wheel for it...

7) Ford Fiesta (HotWheels)
I posted it sometime ago on my Facebook, as 4h project. But now I made proper wheels for it and I need to paint one of it...

8) Nissan PS13 Silvia (1/24 Tamiya)
This is probably the longest build in my workshop. I started it in december 2014 and last thing I did with it, was came back to stock:

Cause I want to build full BN Sports body kit and fit it with some VIP style wheels... ;)

9) Diorama with GAZ 13
This is going to share similiar scheme with my previous dioramas, but I want to change it a bit, also nothing much to finish this one ;)

10) Fiat 126p
I ordered some 126ps last time and I have to do something with it... So I started with repainting one of it:

I'll finish it tomorrow, so I'll post colour photos of it... ;)

11) Chevy C10 '67 (HotWheels)
I've got this for long time, but I don't have idea for modifications. Finally it came, right on time, when I was repainting Fiat... so it got the same colour, but I'm totally in love with it:

12) Diorama with Fiat 125p
When I was searching for photos of wrecked 126ps, I got photos of amazingly rusted, abandoned Fiat 125p. Today I reminded myself, that I've got one 125p, so I decided to do something similiar, to the thing I saw on photos.

And not a project itself, but it's good to mention it: Some weeks ago I totally fell in love with Lancia Delta, when I found S4 BBurago in 1/24. I managed that it hasn't got lot of parts, so I bought another one and from this time, I'm almost hunting them. I want to collect 5 or 6 of it and start "Project Delta" about June or July. Now I've got three of it:

First two pictures are showing the newest one, with full box and in 4/6 condition ;)

Uffff, probably it's everything...
See You soon

! :)


  1. Witaj Brociu, kapitalny zestawi nam zaprezentowałeś :) Począwszy od Citroena, przez Malucha robionego na zamówienie po zardzewiałego kanta. Życzę ci wiele cierpliwości i konsekwencji w budowaniu Poloneza i z niecierpliwością czekam na efekt końcowy !

    Pozdrawiam !


    1. Chyba za bardzo się rozdrabniam i przez to oczekiwanie na Poloneza będzie dłuższe niż zakładałem, ale mam nadzieję, że efekt końcowy nie zawiedzie ;)

      Pozdrawiam, Brociu