Saturday, 20 June 2015

Nissan Silvia K's Tamiya 1/24 In-Box

As I mentioned days back on Facebook (look at it here ) I used all of my glue. Using Revell Contacta and Tamiya Cement I was only able to do plastic kits, so I start working with Silvia's chassis, as body is "in progress" for 6 months...
I also looked at the box and all parts, except body of course and chassis (with rear suspension) were still on its' places in frames. So I decided to do the inbox, this time better than California's one.
Sorry for pics quality, but my Xperia runs far from stock ROM, which sometimes causes wrong pics quality, and problems with focus...
Let's go to the pics :)

Take a look at the box. Other than Revell's one, it hasn't got openings on two sides, but it's two-parts, top and bottom. On top you can see sketch of the car...

And on both sides there are propositions of painting schemes

When you go stock of course... ;)

Only four bags with parts

Everything displayed

Instruction is quite nice, but right now I can say, I prefer Revell's one

Next we got bag with 2 frames, A and B. In A we get suspension, chassis and buckets.

Nice thing is that you can get all interior parts in LHD and RHD versions :)

Frame B contains interior parts, front suspension and exhaust

RHD and LHD wipers


Minus for makeing interior as one part :/

Tyres comes in another bag, and rims comes in frame C with spoiler and rear interior shelf

We also get small bag with mountings for wheels

And this is frame C ;)

Frame D contains clear parts, and I'm very dissapointed, rear window has very bad scratch, also side windows get the same size scratch in identical places! O.O

And decals :) You can make 180SX, 200SX and of course US 240SX using these ;)

Check out photos, I'm going to watch fifth round of Drift Masters GP Poland :)
Best regards to you guys, stay tuned for more!
! :)

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