Saturday, 26 September 2015

Hot Wheels Workshop: Part #1-Introduce

Some of You maybe know my Facebook page so title of post won't be suprising. This week I started renewing two Chevys Chevelle SS, but in little different scale. They're 1/64 Hot Wheels die-casts. They were in bad condition, chassisies almost didn't exist. But after some time, they end up as really good (remembering previous state) scale cars ;)

As usual, photos:

After paint strip, they looked like this. Left one will be "Second" and right one "First"

First get red interior, and painted details on front- and rear-end


Second has really bad quality of base...




And first get first coat of paint!

Wheels and roll-cage painted to match tinted windows

Probably wheels for second, going to paint them gold

Test fitting of "First"

Finally, there will be no roll cage

Finally, it came out like this:

And look what we've got here!

Can You guess what I'll do with this '83 Silverado? :>

Best regards,
! :)

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