Tuesday, 1 September 2015

What's new in the workshop #9 "Something newer"

As You probably saw on Facebook I done Lada 112, which is really new car compared to my other works, it has only twenty years ;)
Car didn't satisfy me, so there will be no "Presentation" post about it. I have an idea to redone it, and maybe this will be it's chance to be showed ;)

First of all I took body and set it with steelies I have... and this was pretty good idea!

So I started dissasembling... lot of glue here

Really complicated windows mounts, was hard to deatach without damage.

Paint was really good at this car, even decals stay!

One sanding later...

I decided to place registration plate between rear lights, instead of bumper

On front I also puttied registration plate mount, but later I redo this

I also had to redo mirrors mounts, cause they were glued to hard, and broke during deattach

Suspension is lowered and I add camber to both front and rear axle, wheels are still moving

I decided to do beige interior with checkered upholstery, but my skills were to low to do it properly, so only on rear trunk shelf

First attempt, corrected later

After final sanding car looks like this

First coat of primer revealed some things to improve, so I do

Almost done interior

Car with paint, which came horribly wrong, and mocked up with interior

Wheels are one thing I'm proud of

Some more photos of finished car

Paint is horrible, I know this, it's still one thing I can't do, and even improve... Funny thing is that 3 days later I painted camper ZIL in two-tone, and it came of awesome! But it's supposed to be wreck, so I don't need perfect paintjob...
Next post will contain my new project based on Lada 2107, I think this gonna interest You ;)
See You soon
! :)

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