Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hot Wheels Workshop: Part #2-Still learning

Maybe some of You are bored with me, still modding HotWheelses ;)
I'm also working with Lada, but for now I have a lot of sanding, so I can do it only some minutes per day, to not destroy my fingers completely ;)

As You remember, I present orange Silverado last time.

First, I stripped paint

Then paint it army matt green


Shark sketch on fender

And U.S. Army star on door

Name on boot

Test fitting

Some scratches


Window's rubber


Shark one again ;)

Car get really, really bad opinions in this state:

So I decided to modify it a little bit: black grille, yellow lights and dust and rust everywhere

It's waiting for it's proper photoshoot ;)

After Lada sanding today I decided to start work with Datsun 510 Wagon, which is very popular in HWCustoms world.

Car itself

You can see damaged tampoos :/

Taken apart

Tampoo from roof removed

Partialy from bonnet also

Camber on rear axle, need to modify fenders

Oil cooler lines before painting

Mirrors before works

Pre-painted front

Mirrors painted

Unpainted light will be hole for oil cooler's lines

Chromes around windows

I'll paint more tomorrow ;)
Of course interior will get Takatas, Nardi and some stuff for trunk. Wheels probably will be painted in TE37's brown :)

Let me know what do You think about HotWheels Customs ;)

Best regards,
! :)

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