Wednesday, 9 September 2015

W.I.P Build #1: JDM Lada 2107 First: Introduction

Finally I found some time, to compile everything in one thing and show You with what I'm curently working.
So let's start from the begging. I always want to build something special, unusual... I decided to build strongly modified Lada 2107. Last week I finally decided to start this W.I.P. and now it's time to show my progress.
List of future mods I want to do:
-lowered suspension
-modified chassis
-shaved interior
-removed bonnet
-full engine (SR20DET)and engine bay-scratch build
-custom bodykit
-JDM wheels
-JDM stylish of exterior
Three last things from list are still undecided.

Lada 1600 (VAZ 2107) from Автолегенды СССР, completely stock

After parts and paint remove. Most of them won't be needed later... ;)

Cutting line

Test fitting

Work Equip 02 are one of the options...

I start with under-window part

And with front upper-lights part

I markered out parts of body to be widened

Here with first styrene sheets and engine bay in early stadium

I'm still waiting for Milliput to finish this side up

I also started work with engine

Some cutting later...

Air intake in very early stadium

Block 80% done, what about swapping it into Samara? ;)

Block is about 15mm long and 12mm width

Mounting of exhaust manifold

In old engine bay

Engine bay now is completely different, only firewall is from original car, but it's also moved back a bit

You can see how small it is ;)

New engine bay with 70% done engine and with 10% done intercooler

First stadium of intercooler

And mounted to the engine

Of course it'll be sanded ;)
It's all in part one, maybe tomorrow I'll get my Milliput, so next stage is building body kit, then back to finish engine bay ;)

Best regards,
! :)

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