Saturday, 1 August 2015

Presentation: Nysa 522F Resto

Firstly I want apologize for title: I do research, and still didn't know which version my Nysa scale car presents. It's really close to T (Towos; tow states for "towarowo"-commodity, os states for "osobowa"-personal), but my hasn't got two windows on the driver's side. It's also really close to "F" (Furgon-van), but has got windows in rear and side doors, "Furgon" doesn't have it. So I named it "F" cause it's easier to made glass instead of metal covers, than made glass in side of car.
Car comes as Polish Citizen Milita car, nicknamed "Suka", which you can translate as "bi*ch" ;) It's caused by fact that officers of Militia, take people inside this car and beat them. It takes a lot of work to remove door from driver's side (only "suka" comes with slided doors on both sides) and this side isn't very smooth, You can notice this in pictures :)
But I always wasn't really good at talking, so let the pictures speak for themselves:

Make: ZSD Nysa
Model: 522F
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Poland "Kultowe Auta PRL"
Scale: 1:43 diecast
List of mods:
-removed door from left side of car
-removed top-strip from whole car
-removed bumpers
-removed rear reflective lights
-removed wipers
-car painted to RAL 5018
-wheels from Warszawa 203
-lowered suspension
-interior and chassis done from scratches
-wooden floor in interior
-imitation of airride suspension system in rear
-set of Work Equips inside
-dashboard painted in body's colour
-additions painted silver
-rear lights repainted
-polish registration plate, type 76' on rear

I think it's all, I'm going on holidays next Saturday, I think there will be no posts, but I'll inform You on my Facebook page ---> <---

Best regards
! :)

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