Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What's new in the workshop #5 "Two buses, small and huge"

Since previous weekend I finish up 3 cars, so it's really nice. I'm working on next two, with one coming this week and another I must finish till next friday. Will be hard, but I think I'll do this ;)
But now little WIP update of what I've done past week.

After finish of Chaika I started work with Nysa, but when I see this:

I passed.

So next model on workbench was ZIL 118K "Yunost" in camper version.
It look like this for about 3 or 4 months:

I decided to do new floor, cause original has very little space left. Doing camper from this wasn't good idea, cause this is really small car for this. Ugh, of course it's huge, but campers usually has really wide rear space. And this car is tight. But when I think about this now I've got really great idea, maybe it'll work! ;)

As you know I really like tuning, so I have to fit some custom wheels to this car:

And yes, I'm in love. And now I can say something cool is coming this week ;)

I also painted some of interior:

But when I see how amount of work is with opened doors I came back to Nysa...

Using this (whatever is it)

I made this:

Some parts later...

Yep I know parts on the rear looks like resistors, but they aren't. It's mockup of airride suspension system.

As usuall I paint rear lights with it's frames and frames of windows.

And then body come. I don't want to hide anything with this car. Left side is really bad, you can see huge scuffs and lot of bad things.

Front indicators were missing... Not anymore ;)

I'm thinking about front... Without registration plate it looks empty, but with it looks strange...

I also did registration plates for Modele 1/43 's Citroen BL11. You should check this out, he do awesome conversions of Polish Citizen Militia cars ;)

I think it's all for today's update, check my facebook page often 'cause it's full of updates and fast news :)

Best regards,
! :)

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