Wednesday, 5 August 2015

What's new in the workshop #6 "JDM touch to soviet bus"

Busy day now, cause we're going on holidays on friday, but I'll fastly show You what's new in my workshop ;)
Last "WNITW" ended with plates for Modele 1/43 and I send it last week.

Instead of it I get lot of tires and slightly damaged GAZ 69 from russian series "Cars on Duty". Car has all parts, but it is teared apart. I remove paint from it:

And take some big alloys... Is it good?

Next I started work with another ZIL 118K:

I remove paint, so You can see nice details on body, which were covered with lot of factory paint...

Then I removed light signal mount:

Filled holes

And sanded them

Also filled front registration plate mount, and made a lot smaller:

Rear lights were awful, so I repainted them:

As You can see some pictures above, windows were covered with decals, so I remove this and do rubbers:

When paint dries I paint interior and do something to cover holes for factory-missing rear seats:

I also made registration plates, they're medium japanese type:

Car was painted the same colour as my first scale car: RAF 2203 Latvia --> RAF <--
It's Motip's RAL 5015

Finally I get Sony HX300 for some time, so I pick up my just-finished-Zil and shoot it:

Of course it's only teaser, I got some more photos, but they're coming on saturday ;)
Full res pics here:

As You can see on WIP pics, I've done something for better pics, and it's also showing my blog link and Facebook page, so feel free to check this out and like to stay tuned :)

Best regards,
! :)

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