Saturday, 11 July 2015

What's new in the workshop #2 "Lada Samara... 4 times"

Last days I was very busy and when I got 2-3 hours of free time left I rather want play BeamNG than work with models, but yesterday I start finishing Samaras.

Firstly I glued lights that I made previously:

...and when I look closely (camera catches EVERY little bad thing, when you look at this cars normally, it's impossible to see bads in interior, on rear lights etc.) I notice that cars differ, what is very strange, because all comes from coffee series, and pictures the same model!
White Ladas, model 2108 (3 door) comes from polish series "Kultowe Auta PRL", blue one, model 2109 (5 door) comes also from this series, and green one, model 2108 (3 door) comes from russian equivalent of this series.
Russian model got decals with "Lada Sputnik 1300" ofcourse written in russian, polish blue model also got decals "Lada Samara 1500" in polish, but without black background. White ones got nothing...
Samara has sideskirts painted black, with small vertical part before rear wheel. IST car has this parts painted. 2108 from coffee series hasn't. Blue one has it painted. Wait, what?! Yep, when I look closely at this model I can say that 2109 is the best car from polish series Kultowe Auta PRL. It has lot of things painted black, nice decals, only things that apart it from IST one, is unpainted interior, no sidemarkers rubbers and all-red rear lights. Very annoying thing is cars in "KAP" has very different fonts on registration plates. 2109 has perfectly (!) choosen font, identical as real '76 plates. 

In case of decals and colour, I decided that white ones will has black interiors, only things I change is seatbelts, and pictures poor version "00".
Green one is 1:1 identical (except wipers) as red one from IST (this mean black rear shelf and black dashboard) and pictures version "01", when blue one is the best version, called "02" and has interior painted completely beige.

Now wheels are drying and when they are done, I'll mount it to the cars. Also I have to paint wipers, but it's very hard thing to do :/

Today I polished all cars, and I'm pretty impresed:

And I finish green one:

I'll just leave it here... :D

I think everything today, wheels are waiting for me... :D
Best regards
! :)

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