Monday, 20 July 2015

Presentation: Moskvitch 400 "Custom"

If you are checking my facebook page, you're probably vomiting on words "Moskvitch", "hot-rod" and "custom". I'll quit this with last thing about this car: it's own presentation!
So don't speak too much, read this below, and check photos!

Make: Moskvitch
Model: 400-420
Model maker: IST Models for DeAgostini's Poland "Kultowe Auta PRL"
Scale: 1:43 diecast
List of changes:
-scratch build interior
-scratch build chassis
-scratch build suspension
-scratch build front frame and firewall
-removed rear fenders
-removed engine cover
-removed front fenders
-front grill modified
-car painted black glossy and black matt mixture
-paint scares with communist symbols
-details painted red
-seats modified
-dashboard painted beige (Revell 314)
-custom painted wheels
-removed B-pillars
-removed lights, windows (except front and rear), spare wheel, wipers
-modified engine, added exhaust

What do you think? Is it good? How it is compared to my very first jobs? Let me know!

Best regards,
! :)

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