Friday, 16 October 2015

W.I.P Build #1: JDM Lada 2107 Third: Long way to go

Hi! :)
I want to apologize for frequency of updates, but I don't have time for post and even for work.

Getting proper shape of  fenders was really annoyoing and slow process

But when finished, time come for finishing it up

Wheels from Lada 112, only to protect body from damage when dry fitting

And time come for interior... also really slow process

Over-trunk shelf

This wasn't really good idea for car's floor, but now it looks better

Floor in trunk won't be needed anymore

Chassis mount also

How to properly hold part when glue dries... :D

Need to add cap, bolts, sand it...

Maybe some of You saw on my Facebook, that I bought two Nissans from HotWheels recently... I think today is good day to start work with they... ;)

See You soon!
! :)

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