Monday, 22 August 2016

#DailyGolf: Let's start!

I'm Bart and I just bought a new daily.

Probably that's how I'd start my build thread on forum, if my Golf MK7 GTI was real.
But it isn't.

But why don't make something like that in 1/18 scale?

I'll try my best to show You slow progress on my Golf as a diary. So...
Let's go!

Hi, here's my VW Golf MK7 GTI, it's 2016 and dealer gave me amazing discount, I got it for 30€! I'm first owner, so hopefully it wouldn't surprise me with any faults.

It's GTI with full options and highest trim, it's amazing!

I bought it in Germany, so it has german license plates, but new polish Plates with "K7 GTI" digits are on the way!

I don't have money for any aftermarket wheels right now, so I decided to paint stock ones black:

I don't have money, cause I ordered coilovers, which gave my Golf some drop. Instalment was hard, I had so many things to do!

First of all, chassis view

I had to remove 6 screws, two from middle of chassis and one for every wheel arch.

Ooops, I think I go to far...

I also had to took off wheels:

Rear suspension need some love...

That's how she sits right now!

I didn't like the exhaust sound, I ordered Armytrix F1 exhaust, but I had to wait for it about a month!

Then all four wheels came from painting, I also ordered low profile tyres for them:

I didn't like red strip coming through lights and grille:

So I removed it and smoked headlights

Then car was stripped and apart came for paint detailing + painting roof black:

By the way, I removed shelf from trunk, it's so annoying!

In the meantime I ordered Maxton Design frontlip!

Car came back, I took it back into one piece and that's how she looks right now!

Little surprise!

Car was wrapped with GTI stripe on right side and one wheel is chromed!

I'll probably change it, but now it looks unique!

That's all for today, stay tuned for more! Cheers!


! :)


  1. Świetnie Ci to wyszło. Co tu dużo mówić, po prostu masz talent.
    Gratuluję i pozdrawiam! :)

    1. Bardziej wydaje mi się, że to ciężka praca i usiłowanie dążenia do perfekcji, do której mi jeszcze duuuuużo brakuje :P

      Ale dziękuję, budujące :D

      Pozdrawiam, Brociu