Thursday, 14 January 2016

What's new in the workshop #11: Rust, rust everywhere

I don't have much time for working with scale cars, but when I do, it turns out pretty good I think.
But I'll leave You with rating, go and watch photos, then let me know!

Fiat 126p was really popular car in 70's, 80's and even in 90's caused by really low price tag. Production ended in september of 2000 and in 2005 this cars used, was really, really cheap, You could get one for about 500zł which is about 5 times bigger price, than for 1:43 IST Models scale car. So images like this, presenting abandoned and destroyed car on parking lot on housing estate wasn't something unusual.
I decided to do this, cause I've got Fiat 126p from "Kultowe Auta PRLu" and it was damaged a lot.
I gave it new wheels, new paint and some parts as You can see. Then I destroy it. After 5h of work it looked like this:

Then I do some minor changes, add background, dirty ground a bit and add inscription "Polish Fiat 126p This is the end...".

But when I started this build, I wanted to sell some old cars. Unfortunately no one wanted this Citroen 15 Traction Avant from BBurago in 1:24 scale. It hadn't got lights, dashboard and seats. So I decided to made a rat rod out of it. Lot of rust came on fenders, grille, engine and roof. I added wheels done using original caps and wheels from another BBurago model.

And after some improvements:

Now I'm waiting for seats for it and I'll be finishing interior. Of course it need some paint improvements and it will of course get it ;)

Greetings and hope to write to You soon
! :)


  1. Świetnie wyszły :) Życzę powodzenia przy sprzedaży 126p !

    Pozdrawiam !


    1. Biorąc pod uwagę, że jest to dopiero czwarty i piąty "zepsuty" model, można powiedzieć wyłącznie, że zdobywam doświadczenie :D Ale dziękuję ;) A jak się nie sprzeda, to nie będę płakał... ;)